To Make Oga The Sake Mecca

We have three initiatives to revitalise Oga as a sake Mecca, visited by people from all over the world.

1. Creation of a special zone for sake
Japanese law heavily restricts new licences to brew sake, which prevents people with a passion for brewing from entering the industry. By changing the law and breaking down the barriers to entry, we can create a future for young brewers.

2. Making Oga a sake city
By turning Oga into a “Sake Special Zone”, where new applications for sake production licences can be made on an experimental basis, we are promoting the “Sake City Concept”.This attracts brewers who want to become independent. In addition to sharing brewing and management know-how with young brewers with a passion for sake, the project will also begin to address the issue of abandoned land in the region and contribute to the maintenance and development of terraced rice paddies, one of Oga’s proudest landscapes.

3. Fostering human resources for the future of the region
We do more than just hire talented people. By providing equal opportunities for everyone to take on challenges and grow, we aim to employ a large number of local young people who will go on to become independent and build the future of Oga. We are committed to becoming a company that can produce many such new talents.




1.     全新創造出的日本酒特區:根據現在的日本,由於不允許發出新的釀造清酒牌照,令對造酒抱有熱誠的人都不能新加入業界。故此要將法律更改,打破規限的壁疊,創造可以讓年輕釀造家活躍起來的未來。
2.     構想出男鹿酒城市:在男鹿,若能夠以體驗形式申請清酒製造牌照而成立      「日本酒特區」,從而進行聚集以獨立為目標的各式各樣釀酒家的「日本酒城市」。向那些對日本酒抱有熱情的年輕釀造家們,分享釀造清酒和經營的操作心得,亦著手解決耕作放棄地的問題,從而對於男鹿其中一個可以自豪的景觀的棚田的維持和發展有所貢獻。
3.     創造為地區未來負責擔當的人材:「稲とアガベ」所僱用的人,不是只是有才能的人。這裡提供任何人也可以平等地挑戰從而成長的機會,而在當地成長的普通年青人,自此以後獨立起來打造男鹿的未來,「稲とアガベ」就是目標成為這樣人材輩出的企業。