Cycle of Nature Revives Oga

Everything we do is about sustainability. We chose Oga as the location for our brewery in order to create jobs in a depopulated area of Akita. In addition to the sake brewing workforce, the brewery will create a chain of jobs by building restaurants, processing plants and an auberge, as well as supporting the start-up of a new brewery outside the company.

In the sake brewing process, we use naturally farmed rice without the use of pesticides or fertilisers and with very little polishing, thus preserving the richness of nature and reducing waste. In order to keep waste to a minimum, we are currently constructing processing plants to create products using sake lees (as of January 2022). Our sake kasu (lees) mayonnaise, designed by Goki Inoue, chef of the hospitality couple unit Te to Te, does not contain egg yolks and can therefore be enjoyed by vegans. We will also be producing dressings based on this as well as fruit butters and syrups using local products. In the future, we also plan to build a distillery to make gin from sake lees.